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About Fans In The Stands

Dog Sleeping In Front Of Chalkboard Sign Drawers At Fans In The Stands
We are FANS in the STANDS.

April McClure and her sister Misty Anderson are the women behind the business. You’re likely to see one or both of them when you visit the store. And there’s Tru. There’s a good chance you’ll encounter him as well. He’s a big, but friendly guy who likes to hang out in the front window.  You’ll know who he is – he’s the furry guy walking around on four feet.

The sisters love working with people and being creative, and see the business as their opportunity to contribute and invest within the community.  As life-long residents of Lowell, they want to play a part in keeping the spirit of the community going.

While McClure and Anderson continue to invest in the tradition Pep Talk started, they wanted to new name to represent new ownership.  They say it’s time to “rejuvenate the energy and spirit of the store”. Fans in the Stands became the new business name. It portrays the business helping all sorts of fans.  There are not only sports fans in the community looking for gear to support their favorite team. Businesses have a fan base as well, whether it be their own employees or their customers.  

McClure and Anderson are happy and eagerly waiting to talk with customers about the various options they offer, and how they can custom create tailored pieces for each individual or business.

The two sisters invite everyone to come in and say “hi”.  They’ve got something for everyone and are able to order items if something of interest can’t be located in the store.  

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